Product Provider Registration Form

Existing Registration
For company and/or contact details update please provide here your existing registration number.

Company Information (The company name and its primary address)

Officer of the Company who will sign all agreements with EMVCo (Please list someone who has signing authority)


Contact for Legal Notices (If different from Primary Contact, please list someone having authority to answer questions from EMVCo Legal department)


Contact for Invoicing (EMVCo will generate bills for Compliance Testing and Letter of Approvals.If different from Primary Contact, please list someone to whom invoices will be mailed or addressed to.)


Primary Contact for Approval (This is the main contact for all questions EMVCo may have about products submitted for approval.)


Secondary Contact for Approval (Primary Contact backup)


Website Contact (to be listed on EMVCo website with the list of approved products)


For 3-D Secure Approval only

Test Platform information (if available at the time of registration)

For Chip, Card or Mobile product providers only

For Terminal Type Approval Level 2 only


  • If your company never registered with EMVCo you may select multiple types of request for registration (assuming that all company and contact details provided are valid for the selected types).
  • If your company has already registered before with EMVCo as a product provider and you are requesting an update of company and/or contact details please, provide the current registration number as requested at the top of this page and select the corresponding type of registration (only one type of request for registration per existing registration number assigned by EMVCo).

The new information provided in this form will supersede previous information in EMVCo database.